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Barry Baruh


The thing I enjoy most about painting is the journey that I get to take as I work on each piece.  Most times I know the general direction I want to go with the work, but as the paintings progress they inevitably change. In a way they "Speak" to me, telling me what they need to come to life. When they stop talking to me, the piece is done.  It may sound crazy, but It works for me.


I'm inspired by light, color and balance which I strive to explore in each piece. My figurative forms endeavor to express the oneness we should all recognize within human existence.


If you enjoy my work and have an interest in purchasing either an original or archival quality gyclee print please contact the gallery for information on pricing and availability.  Reproductions may be created on canvas or aluminum, and in a variety of sizes.  You may also request a special work done as a commission.


I hope you enjoy my work.  Thanks for visiting the site.

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